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UB88 BG - Oct 2018 - 2048x1152.jpg

For me the UB-88 is one of Los Angeles' signature wrecks.

Relatively accessible and always a spectacular dive, this site provides the added treat of getting to dive a real submarine.


The UB-88 was a German Type UB III submarine launched in December 1917. She served ten months in the Imperial German Navy and sank 13 allied ships. UB-88 was surrendered to the United States in November 1918 in accordance with the requirements of the Armistice with Germany. After 20 months under special commission in the U. S. Navy and an extensive tour of the U.S. coast she was sunk under the guns of the USS Wickes as a target  in January 1921.

For 80 years, UB-88 lay intact, upright and near her designed operating depth limit, undisturbed and undiscovered on the sandy bottom south of the Port of Long Beach, California.

UB-88 - October 2018

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