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Olympic II BG - May 2018 - 2048x1152.jpg

The "Olympic II" is arguably the most accessible of all the Los Angeles wrecks, but being as close inshore as she is conditions aren’t always that great.

Originally christened the “Star of France”, this clipper ship sailed the globe between 1877 and 1933 when she ended her days as a fishing barge moored off Hermosa Beach. On the morning of September 4, 1940, in patchy fog, she was stuck by the Japanese freighter “Sakito Maru” and sunk within two minutes taking the lives of eight onboard.

Today, the wreck lies on its starboard side in 30 metres of water. Its teak decks have long ago been eaten away and most of the hull has collapsed, with the exception of the bow and stern areas. Relatively intact, the bow stands about 10 metres off the bottom and aft, the stern remains intact as well, also standing roughly 10 metres off the bottom. 

Olympic II - May 2018

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