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Poor Knights Islands BG - Mar 2019 - 2048x1152.jpg

Four days of fantastic diving at New Zealand's Poor Knights Islands.


The Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve is a protected area off the coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The reserve, established in 1981 and covering an area of 1,890 hectares, is administered by the Department of Conservation. It surrounds the Poor Knights Islands and adjacent rock stacks Sugarloaf Rock and High Peak Rocks. It is one of the world's ten most popular dive sites with trips regularly leaving from the town of Tutukaka.

The reserve has also been one of the primary areas studied and documented by Wade Doak, one of New Zealand's most prominent marine experts and advocates for marine reserves.

Thanks to Pete Mesley at Pete Mesley's Dive Excursions,

and the hardworking guys at Dive! Tutakaka,

Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand - March 2019

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