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Palawan BG - Oct 2023 - 2048x1152.jpg

USS Palawan (ARG-10) was a Luzon class internal combustion engine repair ship that saw service in the United States Navy from 1945 to 1947. Launched in Maryland on 12 August 1944 and commissioned 3 May 1945, she was named for Palawan Island in the Philippines.

Palawan arrived in Tacloban, Philippines, August 1945 where she repaired small craft, giving priority to minesweepers. In September 1945 she steamed to Sasebo, Japan in support of minesweeping operations there until March 1946 then shifting to Shanghai until the end of April before returning to the United States.

Palawan was decommissioned the following year after arriving at San Diego, California, in June 1946,  She was eventually sold to the State of California's "Ships to Reefs" Program in November 1976, and in 1977 Palawan was sunk off Redondo Beach as an artificial reef.

Palawan - October 2023

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